Know About Goa

Less than half a day away from the dark days and the cold, gloomy nights of the British winter, lies the beautiful tropical paradise of Goa. Originally a Portuguese settlement until it’s independence in 1961, Goa still retains a strong European influence, most evident in the splendid architecture.

Goa borders the clear waters of the Arabian sea with an enviable coastline stretching over 130 kilometres from North to South. Goa is divided into two areas each with their own distinct appeal. 
North Goa stretches from Candolim to Anjuna and is known for its lively nightlife, with an endless choice of shops, bars and restaurants. 
Calangute and Baga are the main resorts areas and are both within an hour of Panjim, the capital and main gateway to the region. North Goa is also home to the historic town of Old Goa, with its many historic buildings and churches.
South Goa is a complete contrast to the North and the perfect place for those seeking a quiet holiday. Hotels are more widely spread out along the endless stretches of beach, with the resort of Colva providing the best selection of shops, bars and nightlife. 
The area is also famous for its seafood cuisine, reputedly the best in Goa.
Goa tour is for your body, mind and spirit…
Here it is…
For Your Body
Astoundingly beautiful Goa India beaches for relaxation, reflection, contemplation – and beach games, jogs and picnics. Resorts and independent spas offering the latest in the spa, ayurvedic massage, goa nightlife and wellness facilities, services and treatments.
Unhurried, uncomplicated and easy to explore Goa India invites bike tours and hiking excursions; and provides you with a myriad of activity choices.
For Your Mind
Unhurried, uncomplicated time to concentrate your thinking on nothing more than choosing which pleasurable activity you will select to round out your day of beach pleasures on your trip to Goa. A visual pleasure or knowledge and intellect pleasure? 
Choosing the evening’s dining pleasure-based simply on your mood – a romantic, candlelit dinner? A beachside bistro? No lines. No hassles.
For Your Spirit
Visitors to Goa India are met by caring, friendly and welcoming Goans, and quickly embraced as friends. Innkeepers, whether of five-star luxury resorts or our smaller hotels, apartment hotels, villa and condo beach clubs, value their guests and strive to ensure that vacationers here return to their homes and careers fully rested and restored, in body, mind and spirit. It is this very nurturing and graciousness that has set Goa India apart from many other vacation destinations, in India and around the world.
People and Culture of Goa
One of the positive & noteworthy aspects of Goa’s development during the last 30 years has been the major transformation of Goan the society from a feudal agrarian economy to a modern industrial State.
The migration of non-Goans to Goa & Goans to foreign countries is a phenomenon which has lubricated the wheels of economic development in Goa. One of the impressive features of Goa is that Goa never had the oppressive levels of poverty that prevailed in the rest of the country.
More than 50 % of the Goan population lives in urban areas and with a high per capita income. The percentage of the Goan middle class is considerably larger than that of any other state in India.
Goa can boast of its people already having a literacy level amongst the highest in the country which has given rise to trained and skilled manpower. Goa has one of the most tension-free social environment in the country.
The peaceful and friendly ambience is one of the most important reasons why the entire tourist industry has flourished in Goa. Behind social peace lies the social and political integration of the people.
There are no major ideological rifts that can create social cleavages in Goa and the Goans maintain a social and political equilibrium which has grown out of a sense of realisation that ultimately the future lies in working together regardless of religion, caste or creed.

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