Mobor Beach

Fun At Mobor Beach, south goa
Fun At Mobor Beach, south goa

Mobor beach is situated just 2 kilometres to the south of Cavelossim beach and therefore has very similar means of access, with many tourists choosing to arrive from either Panaji, Margao or Vasca de Gama, by bus or train.
Mobor is rich in natural beauty and very family-friendly, offering many coves which are ideal for exploration. 

Furthermore, its relative isolation and 10 kilometres of fine white sand has made it one of Goa’s most exclusive beaches. 

Around 10 years ago, barely any tourists were even aware of the existence of Mobor beach. 

Sunset On Beach
Sunset On Beach

However, in recent times it has grown exponentially in popularity and now typically attracts adventurous tourists due to its water sports offerings.
Unlike the beaches at Miramar and a few other beaches in Goa, Mobor is not subject to any noticeable undercurrents and therefore its waters provide the ideal conditions for swimming and other underwater pursuits. 

As such, Mobor beach possesses what is widely thought of as the widest selection of water sports in Goa, with jet skiing, parasailing and inflatables filling the sea.

There are, however, more gentle activities on offer, such as deep-sea fishing trips, dolphin watching excursions and tours offered by local fishermen around the area. 

Mobor beach
Mobor beach

Mobor is now also home to a wide variety of shops, which have appeared in response to the increasing demands of tourism.
As you might expect from one of Goa’s most exclusive beaches, luxury resorts have long been the dominant form of accommodation. Situated on the beachfront, they offer a wide variety of facilities and sophisticated restaurants. 

However, this is not to say that such hotels are the only accommodation option. In fact, many locally run guesthouses still thrive if you venture around 1 kilometre inland. 

You can speak to local vendors or fishermen who will often be more than happy to give you a rough idea of their location.
Mobor beach
Mobor beach

Mobor also offers perhaps the most diverse range of dining options in Goa. The luxury resorts offer gourmet food encompassing a range of different cuisines, whilst traditional restaurants and food stalls are also present both along the beachfront and further inland. 

Food stalls provide an affordable source of food and the opportunity to try out dishes unique to the local area. Mobor beach caters primarily to the high-end traveller with its mass of luxury resorts and restaurants. 

However, many travellers on a budget also continue to enjoy what it has to offer each year; immersing themselves in its natural beauty and wide range of activities. 

A visit to Mobor Beach is highly recommended, even if only for a day.

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