Miramar Beach: locally known as ‘Gaspar Dias beach

Miramar Beach, North Goa

Miramar Beach
Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach is situated in very close proximity to the capital of Goa, Panaji, whilst it is also just a few short kilometres away from the popular tourist beach of Dona Paula. 

Due to its closeness to the capital, it is easily accessible with regular public services running throughout the day and into the late evening on a daily basis.
Miramar is known locally as ‘Gaspar Dias beach’ and offers visitors in excess of 4km of soft white sand in addition to a deep forest which follows the beach for its entire length. 

This beach is known for the solitude it offers and walks for that midnight moonlight sand. In addition, this fort offers the surrounding area such as Aguada and many more sites of cultural and historical importance, an aspect that continues to bring tourists back to its coast year after year.
Peoples At Miramar Beach

The beach at Miramar is often viewed by both locals and tourists alike as a base for further exploration of the beaches directly to the North and South. This is for many reasons, but primarily due to the strong undercurrents that are often present which mean that the sea is highly unsuitable for the average swimmer. 

Some say that it is for this reason that the Portuguese named the beach “Miramar” in India’s time as a colony, a name that translates to “looking at the sea”.
Therefore, the main activities on offer are simply sunbathing or exploring the surrounding area. Miramar is known very close to the beach in terms of its landscape, with a large scale of hills, tropical areas and palm trees, which is ripe for scrutiny by visitors. 

The popular Salim Ali bird sanctuary is also located nearby and makes for a memorable experience as it houses a wide variety of exotic birds that are both migratory and native to the local area. 

Salim Ali bird sanctuary
Salim Ali bird sanctuary

Due to the capital of Goa, Panaji is situated less than 3 kilometres away, many visitors also choose to venture inland to take advantage of the rich culture it provides. From the ancient temples to the sought after river cruises and jungle treks, there are a wide variety of tourist activities to choose from.
Miramar is very commercialised so as you would expect, there is a wealth of accommodation options for tourists, ranging from serviced apartments to luxury 5-star resorts and popular locally run budget hotels. 

Most hotels offer spectacular views of the sea. Miramar offers a variety of food options; From traditional food stalls to more mainstream restaurants catering mainly in the Western tourism market, Goa features mainly serving local cuisine.
Sea Surfing
Sea Surfing

While Miramar beach may be unsuitable for swimming, it should not really be seen as a negative factor. 

Not only does it more than make up for this with its immense natural beauty and wildlife, but it serves as the ideal base for exploration of both the surrounding area and other beaches which are located just a short walk away.

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