Tourists At Palolem Beach
Tourists At Palolem Beach
Palolem Beach is situated in southern Goa, around 3km from the market town of Chaudi, and around an hour’s drive from the towns of both Margao and Karwar. 

If you intend to get to the beach via public transport, then Palolem is well served by both bus and train links from many of the popular tourist towns in Goa.
Palolem is one of the most unspoilt beaches in Goa; it remains a fishing town to this day and has largely avoided the tourist developments witnessed in other beaches in the area. 

Perhaps the greatest testament to the beauty of the beach and its surrounding area is the fact that the Hollywood blockbuster, the Bourne Supremacy featured Palolem as the opening located in the film. This exposure has seen the beach rapidly increase in popularity in recent years.
Sunrise At Palolem Beach
Sunrise At Palolem Beach

The beach itself is shaped in the form of a crescent and is around 2 miles long with long rock formations at either end creating a cove-like feel. Palolems offers many palm trees and pristine sands. 

Its waters are largely of shallow depth and due to the rock formations present, Palolem is, to a certain extent, enclosed. 

As a result, the beach is generally not subject to the strong undercurrents which affect other beaches nearby, making Palolem ideal for swimmers and divers alike, and especially suitable for families.

Sunset At Palolem Beach
Sunset At Palolem Beach
Like most of the smaller and largely undiscovered beaches in Goa, you will find few, if any, water sports companies operating from Palolem beach, aside from a few small operators offering sea kayaking trips to the surrounding area. 

Rather, activities are largely of a more sedate and docile nature with visitors favouring the regular dolphin watching trips, yoga classes and excursions to the headland to capture the magnificent view on offer.
Should you feel adventurous during your trip to Palolem, then a jungle walk with a local the guide is highly recommended and is an excellent way to get out of the sun for a few short hours. 

If a jungle experience doesn’t appeal, then many tourists also take a trip to the “Money Stone”, located just off the main beach front and designed by a famous American artist. 

Palolem Beach
Palolem Beach

It’s a local custom to leave a few rupees on the stone upon your departure. The main form of accommodation on Palolem beach is beach huts and there are countless providers to choose from. 

Indeed, this excess of accommodation is highly beneficial to tourists with prices being driven down due to competition between the local companies. 

A beach hut will not only allow you to immerse yourself into Palolem culture, but the vast majority are also ideally placed on the beachfront and extremely reasonable in terms of price. 

Staying in a beach hut is often regarded as one of the highlights of a visit to Goa and should therefore be a serious consideration. 

Stay Near Beach
Stay Near Beach

Alternatively, there are a number of luxury resorts such as the Fern Gardenia Resort on the beach, should you wish to stay somewhere a little more sophisticated.
Palolem Beach is one of the most sedate in Goa, largely devoid of the noise and crowds which come with the more tourist dominated beaches. 

Palolem offers an ideal environment in which to relax and provides many opportunities to explore the local area, culture and wildlife.

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